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Faking a “parmigiana” with pumpkin rind and carrot peel

April 30, 2011

Here’s the latest recipe using pumpkin rind. Pumpkin’s not in season right now (in Italy), but it’ll be back next Autumn. In this dish, pumpkin rind, together with carrot peel and cheese, all mix and melt together, just like a “parmigiana” – only in name though!. Serves 6.


Rind of one pumpkin

Peel of 4 carrots

8 thin slices of cheese (easy melt) and some grated cheese

Salt and pepper


Wash the pumpkin rind well and cut into rectangles about 3 cm x 2 cm. Cook the rind in a 180° C oven for approx. 30 minutes. For the last 10 minutes, add the carrot peel (washed and dried well). Remove from the oven and season with salt and pepper to taste. Butter a rectangular pie dish (using vegetable shortening) and line with baking paper. Make a layer of pumpkin rind, then layer with some cheese, (I even used the Italian cheese “cacio-cavallo”), and then add a layer of carrot peel and another layer of cheese. Use up all the ingredients following this pattern and top with some grated cheese. Bake in a 180° C oven for 15 minutes and serve immediately.

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