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Ecocucina – Or how to avoid waste, save up and be happy

July 5, 2012

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Preparing the dishes for this book and photographing them has been yet another challenge, and it wouldn’t have worked without the contribution of Claudia Castaldi  (photographer), Roberta Deiana (food Stylist), Silvia Valassina and Barbara Mantovani (prop Stylists).  The same goes for the guys from the editorial office at Gribaudo and everyone at Feltrinelli, who supported me and did everything that was needed to make this book successful (Tatjana, Alessandro, Sara, Meri, Laura, Franco, Silvia and all the others). Once again, the book and cover design are by Leftloft; a special thanks goes to Andrea Braccaloni, Bruno Genovese, David Pasquali and Francesco Cavalli for their committment and patience. Finally, I’d like to thank Elisa and Carmen from Ex Libris press office, whose job has only just begun.


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