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Canederli balls with tomato – from Daniela

July 25, 2012


Have a try at this super-affordable recipe made with stale bread. You can serve your canederli balls either warm or cold – trust me, you won’t miss the meat even if you’re a fervent carnivore. Many thanks to Daniela for sending me this deliciou recipe!



150 g. stale bread

15 tbsp milk

1 egg

250 g. tomato sauce

Chives as required

2 tbsp Parmesan cheese

Nutmeg as required

Breadcrumbs as required




Soak the bread in milk and work it with your hands until all the hard parts are gone, mince the chives and add them to the bread. Stir the egg, the Parmesan and the nutmeg into the mixture and make small balls out of it. Coat the balls with breadcrumbs and cook them in a drizzle of oil until they get golden brown. Once they are ready, let them drain inside a recycled paper bread bag. Put a drizzle of oil and a garlic clove into a pan, fry lightly, add the tomato sauce and finally, after ten minutes, the canederli balls. Cook them for ten more minutes and you’ll be all set.


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