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Uncontrolled fishing practices and intensive fish farming

September 30, 2012



I am very concerned with the issue of overfishing, and I think this problem is often sadly unspoken and neglected. Due to the development of new technologies such as sonar, fishing has become a sort of war – a war where fishes are the enemies to be wiped out. 

On a European level, something is slowly starting to change, yet there are no international policies conceived to protect this precious natural resource. Are we ever going to think of tuna and swordfish as we think about whales – i.e. as protected species?
For these reasons, some days ago I joined forces with my local ethical purchasing group and WWF Lombardy and held a public meeting in Milan to raise the issue.


If you wish to learn more about overfishing, here’s an interesting book you might want to read:


Paul Greenberg, Four Fish
A culinary journey exploring the history of the fish that dominate our menus – salmon, sea bass, cod and tuna – and examining where each stands at this critical moment in time.


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