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Vinegar made from pineapple peel

May 22, 2014

ritratto-con-aceto-di-ananas-1My kitchen looks more and more a real laboratory with fermentation jars always giving me a lot of satisfaction and making me feel a scientist in the kitchen. My latest successful experiment: pineapple vinegar made ​​from fermenting the peels.

It ‘s the first time I use this kind of peel and pineapple vinegar is really amazing. I’m doing experiments with different preparations obtained from the fermentation of the fruit and this successful start is really encouraging me. I had the idea for this recipe by the book Mastering Fermentation by Mary Karlin (Ten Speed ​​Press, 2013) , one of my favorites book in the world.

Try the pineapple peels vinegar because has a unique taste and makes special even a simple salad!



The peel of a organic pineapple

1/2 cup of brown sugar

1.2 liters of water



For this recipe you should prefer organic pineapple, in any case wash the peel with the help of a brush. Enjoy the pulp as you like and set aside core and peel. The core can be added to the skin in the preparation of vinegar or set it aside for another recipe (I will publish one in a few days). Put the pineapple peel (and if you want, also the core) in a big jar (2L), preferably glass . If you have a large jar with a tap at the base is perfect for this purpose, you can buy it in enology product store. Dissolve sugar in the water then add to the peel. Stir, then cover with a clean cloth and secure with a rubber band. Put the jar to rest in a cool, dark place. Let ferment for two weeks then add two tablespoons of brown sugar and stir gently. Repeat this process after further two weeks. After two months the water with sugar and pineapple skins will become “magically” fragrant and aromatic vinegar. When the vinegar is ready strain and put it in perfectly clean bottles, close and cork the bottles, discard the fermented skins. Let ripen for another month before tasting . Try it on salads , but also with carpaccio of fruit, and use it for marinades to add a sour and refreshing taste to your dishes.

After a month will begin to form the “Mother” that you can use to easily transform fruit and juice in vinegar as you can do the wine’s vinegar Mother. 

acetiera-ananasIf you cannot wait two months for your first taste of pineapple vinegar, add a couple of tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to the mixture , so that will speed the process of fermentation.


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  1. Kaisa permalink
    May 26, 2014 7:29 am

    Sounds fantastic! I had just been thinking whether there could be any uses for pineapple peels (and banana peels – any ideas?). I’ll definitely try this one! And if it works, it could also make a great gift, in a nice bottle and with a pretty label 🙂

    • July 14, 2014 3:14 pm

      Once I had a kind of savory entrée eating on a restaurant that was made with banana peels. It tasted like eggplant, amazing.
      The chef told me: you put bananas inside a pressure cooker, peels and all. We have many kinds here in Brazil, she made with “banana-da-terra”(literally it would translate like earth-bananas) which is a sort of firmer, harder kind – sorry, I don’t know how to explain. You just have to cook it for 15-20 minutes.
      One suggestion is to then take the peel off, cut it(she made thin stripes) and mix it with olive oil, salt, pepper, maybe oregano or basil, a little tomato…
      Or, you can also use it as it were lasagna pasta.

      The fruit can be used to make gnocchis(with cilantro pesto is delicious!), or pureed and served with fish.

      I love your blog Lisa, you are always surprising!

      all the best,



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