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#WFD World Food Day – The food of the future: grains and legumes

October 17, 2014
Picture by Brambilla e Serrani - "Autoproduzione in cucina" - Gribaudo

Picture by Brambilla e Serrani – “Autoproduzione in cucina” – Gribaudo

Yesterday it was the World Food Day. How to celebrate it in our daily life? Celebrating the foods that are the best choices for the environment and well-being and that should be the basis of our diet with fruits and vegetables. There are grains and legumes that I try to eat more and more often choosing less refined and processed as possible. I think that we can really excite even in these ingredients and the search for less known varieties gives great satisfaction. When I speak of cereals mainly think about wheat, rice, barley, spelled, oats, millet, corn, rye, and about pseudo-grains quinoa, amaranth and buckwheat. About legumes I love fava beans (both fresh and dried), peas, lentils, the many varieties of beans, chickpeas and “cicerchia”.


Picture by Brambilla e Serrani – “Autoproduzione in cucina” – Gribaudo

Legumes and grains aren’t so popular in that moment (mostly in Italy), because they are linked to long, elaborate and complex recipes, typically regional ones such as “Pasta&Fagioli”, stewed beans, etc.. Even in restaurants legumes are treated badly and often served as a side dish as an alternative to salad, instead to be in place of meats, fish, etc. During last decades grains have been demonized by the high-protein diets guru. These diets offer unbalanced and non-sense nutrition schemes where instead of eating cereals , you have to eat large amounts of protein foods, which, can cause various diseases. Proteins, in particular animal one, are definitely a food to control and contain. If your goal is to lose weight the best thing is to use common sense and simply reduce the quantities consumed but no need to get rid of the grains from your diet. Choose whole cereals because the scraps are the true noble part … it’s like in a peach to keep only the core…makes not sense.

How to consume every day grains and legumes?

My favorites are THREE ways:

germogli-legumi1) To Sprout – Make them sprout – To transform cereals and legumes in sprouts put them to soak for a night and the next day put them in a colander. Moisten 2 times a day, avoid water stagnation and keep them in the dark. Within 4-5 days they will be ready to be enjoyed. Eat them preferably raw or cooked very fast (eg. Using WOK ). Making them at home you save up to 80%.


2) To Flake – To flake cereals and legumes you need a specific tool, there are several on the market with different prices. You can also buy flakes of cereals and legumes ready to use in organic food stores. Flake only few at a time and only when you need them, so you always have them as fresh as possible. Place a few grains in the Flakes machine and pass several times through the rollers, decreasing more and more distance, to finely crush all cereals or legumes, and obtain flakes ready to use. The cereal flakes are perfect for breakfast and you can use it to make your home-made muesli. You can also add them in soups, salads and they can be main ingredient of meatballs and croquettes. Compared to intact grain/seed flakes are easier to digest and is not required cooking. Making them at home you save up to 60%.


sacchetti-scadenza-13) To Cook – The best way to cook grains and legumes without wasting valuable nutritional properties is by using the technique of absorption, ie using the right amount of water that will be absorbed completely when the grain is ready. To cook in the best way cereals and legumes use a rice cooker that turns off automatically when the water runs out, so I’m sure I do not burn and it is easy to to cook them rightly. In alternative you can use a pressure cooker that allows you to halve times and consumption of energy and water. Once cooked I use them in many recipes, in particular, my daily lunch is often a mixed salad with vegetables, herbs, spices, yogurt. Cooking cereals and legumes at home you save up to 40% respect to products ready to use.


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  1. December 20, 2014 10:33 am

    You explained everything very well. It’s a healthy and tasty choice, without any doubt.

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