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#futureprotein: ONU 2016- legumes future protein

February 10, 2016

A recent news by ONU has declaired that 2016 will be the international year of legumes! And I’m so happy for this news! You know that i love challenges so my aim is to make legumes an ingredient that you will love and you will start to use it often in your kitchen!



In the last months and during EXPO 2015 I’ve ask to many chef, guests of my TV program “The Cooking Show” Rai3, to show me the ingredient of the future with a particular focus on protein food capable to feed all of us..rarely i’ve heard the word legumes.

Rarely you’ll find legumes in a kitchen’s chef, they are often use in the traditional cuisine, in soups or side dishes.

In italian’s houses you’ll find them depending on the region. It’s difficult to find legume in the kitchen of young people cause they think that legumes are boring, are too long to prepare and they made a bloated belly! Legumes are one the oldest food that humans had eat with cereals and also the food that has feed us for centuries.

During Neolithics we loved peas and Romans used this ingredients for gladiators to prepare them for fight in the Colosseum! Also many suops with lentils, peas and cereals where use to feed slavery.


Most of the legumes take origin from Africa as lentils, cheackpeas, beans insetad board beans and other comes from the Meditteranean region. Peanuts and other beans varieties arrived in Europe with the America disovery, soya beans comes from East where also today is one the most used ingredient.


The high nutrient content and the ease of storage and transport have made them central in food and essential for our survival.
When the moment that we need legumes was passed, we didn’t think to continue to use it cause we start to eat fish and meat.
In the next weeks I will take the challenge to eliminate all the prejudices about this precious ingredient … and I’ll analyze all good reasons why we should not make them ever missing from our table, of course with a health and sustainable point of view.
Maybe this is the time for their revaluation.
Are you ready for the Beans Year?




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