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Carnival Vista: 3 restaurants you’d love to try

July 6, 2016

On Tuesday, on my blog I gave you 5 reasons to go on holiday on a cruise. While this kind of holiday can be the perfect choice for families and for people who like to explore new places without renouncing to all comforts, it can also be a lovely alternative for the most demanding gourmets. What stroke me the most is the centralized system that allows to manage the inventory. When you are on a ship you cannot go grocery shopping every day or just drop in the nearest store when you run out of something. Therefore, you need to predict the needed amount of food and store everything in the right way. It is important to avoid waste and meet all the clients’ needs at the same time.

While Italy is the nation of captains and officials of Carnival cruises, India is the nation of chefs. While chatting with Justin French, Carnival’s Managing Director, I found out that Indian chefs are the best at preparing every kind of food, constantly keeping high standards every time.

Chefs on such cruises not only have to coordinate all restaurants’ kitchens, but they also have to manage the provision of ingredients and existing leftovers. Restaurants on board are very cheap at dinner and free at lunch, thus contributing to a lovely cruising experience.

These are the 3 dishes that more than others deserved a special place in my heart:

  1. New England Crabcake at “Fahrenheit 555 Steakhouse” – one of the specialities of the restaurant, this is a very traditional and popular dish in the United States, a wonderful crabcake served on a Remoulade of roasted peppers. Among the other dishes on the menu you should also try the grill specialities that count both meat and shellfish.
  1. Jiaozi at “Jii Asian Kitchen” – dim sum with shrimps, pea pod cream and a side of salad, radish and apples. Jii’s kitchen embraces all kinds of Asian food and in the menu you will find a map indicating the origin of every dish. Not only you will be able to choose by the nation (China, Thailand, Mongolia, Vietnam, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia), but you will also have the opportunity to choose characteristic dishes of selected regions, such as this Jiaozi, a typical dish from the Nanjing region in China.
  1. Paccheri with crisp zucchini and mussels at “La Cucina del capitano” – Quality Italian food with international influences. The starter with caponata, cold cuts and toasted bread is very tasty, just like this wonderful paccheri dish (or, as pronounced on board, “Paccéri”) and the traditional desserts. This restaurant is said to be the Captains’ favourite, since the menu follows the original recipes written by the officials’ mothers.



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