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Three good reasons to eat legumes: Savings

March 7, 2016

Why we should bring on the table legumes every day? First of all they are sustainable, compare to other food rich in protein legumes need less water, less soil, less energy and produce less greenhouse gas. The second good reason are healthy benefits, maximized especially if you combine legumes and whole cereals. So probably the mix pasta and beans is not so random.  If you really can not overcome to your prejudices read how to reduce or eliminate side effects that sometimes occur as the swelling!

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The third reason can convince you to choose in your weekly meal legumes, even to those who are not particularly sensitive to environmental issues, nor neither is too health-conscious but is very carefull about the purchase that every month we had to afford. Comparing how much we spend to prepare a dinner based on legumes instead based on other protein foods it’s obvious that we can save almost the 50% of the money!

  • Veggy menu – 7 euro
  • Meat menu 21,9 – using legumes –>14,9
  • Fish menu 18,5 – using legumes –>11,5
  • Mixed menu (red meta, white meat, pork, eggs, cheese and fish)  21,1 – using legumes 14,1

If we sum all the saving for one week we save from 11 to 15 euro, it’s mean that for a year we can save until 780 euro!!!

For who still have doubts about legume’s world soon I’ll collect creative recipes made by the bests chefs in the world!


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